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GBC is the go-to brand when you want to buy aplastic comb binding machine, whether it's your first machine or yourtenth. However, if you need an entry-level machine, you might beoverwhelmed with all the products this company makes. If that's whatyou're going through, one item you should look at is the GBC CombBindC75, an entry-level device that's well-made, not too expensive, and isgreat for light to moderate use in a variety of environments. Here is alist of all the things that make this a machine worth checking out.

  1. You can use it wherever.The C75 is an entry-level comb binding machine that is perfect for useat home, school, and in the workplace, as well. It's good for schooland creative projects, putting together marketing materials, makingcalendars, and more. Punch and bind with combs.This product's punching capacity is 10 sheets per lift. You can bindbooklets that are up to 125 pages long using spines that are 5/8"thick. You can also bind smaller booklets with thinner combs. If youhave some trouble with figuring out which comb you should use, the C75has a comb selection feature to give you a hand. And, if you want, youcan use GBC ZipBind spines with your C75. They make it easy to edityour documents after you've bound them. Oversized covers, letter-sized paper.This product can punch and bind letter-sized documents. (Booklets thathave the dimensions of 8.5" x 11".) This unit also as an adjustableedge guide just in case you'd like to use an oversized cover for yourbook. Get a handle on it. This machine has a handle that's full-sized and can be used by everybody, even southpaws, with no trouble at all. No mess here! This device has a chip tray that's removable for mess-free emptying. A mix of plastic and metal parts.The C75 will fit perfectly on top of a desk. It's made of both plasticparts so the unit remains lightweight, but it has metal components fordurability. The teeth, comb opener, and punching mechanisms are allmade of metal. An unbeatable price.Everyone is concerned about their finances these days, so when you needto invest in an office machine, you'll want to get a good product forthe best possible price. That's easy with the C75. This is a verybudget-friendly device that has a list price of $109.00, an amount justabout anyone can afford -

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  3. even the midst of a recession.

Onefinal note: this product is easy to use, so beginners and pros alikewill be able to use this device without having any problems. This isthe perfect machine to get if cost is a concern but you would stilllike to have a comb binding machine for all of your different projects.With such a low price and such great construction, the GBC CombBind C75is just the machine you need when you want a basic, well-made bindingdevice for your projects.

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