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If you are in the market for a new bindingmachine and are considering a Unibind binding system you might havequestions about the XU138 binding machine. This article is designed toprovide a quick overview of some of the features of the Unibind XU138binding machine. Here are five great features of the Unibind XU138Single Heater Binding Machine.

1. The Unibind XU138 is possibly the easiest to use binding machine onthe market. There are no buttons, to dials and no settings. In order toturn on the XU138 all you have to do is place your cover on the heatingplate and it will sense the metal turn itself on, bind your documentand let you know when it is finished. It doesn't get much easier thanthat.

2. The Unibind XU138 binding machine Pantyhose machine Suppliers has the capability to bind morethan one document at one time. In fact the Unibind XU138 BindingMachine has the ability to bind up eight small documents per bindingcycle. No other binding system is faster than the Unibind bindingsystem.

3. Not only is the Unibind XU138 Binding Machine incredibly easy touse, it is also one of the safest binding machines on the market. TheXU138 only turns itself on when a cover is placed on the heating plateand turns itself off when the binding cycle is finished. Plus a largeindicator light warns people that the machine is on. I am not sayingthat it would be impossible to burn yourself on the Unibind XU138machine (people do amazing things every day). It is just very difficultto hurt yourself with the Unbind XU138.

4. The Unibind XU138 is one of the most versatile binding machines onthe market. You can bind documents with your own covers using UnibindSteelback Spines, you can use premade SteelCrystal and SteelMat coversfor instant results and can even use the XU138 with Photobooks andSteelbook Hard Cover Cases. This means that you can tailor yourpresentations and proposals specifically for each of your customers andclients and you only need one binding machine.

5. The Unibind XU 138 provides one of the strongest binds available onthe market. This means that you can use the XU138 with your photopaper, glossy stocks and cover stocks without worrying about pagesfalling out. The Unibind system uses an ultra strong temperatureactivated glue that is much stronger than you get with a thermalbinding system. This means that books bound with your XU138 system willbe strong and durable for years to come.

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